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Annual Speech Contest Registration Open 

Confident Voices invites you to join our annual speech contest, designed exclusively for students. Unleash your creativity and enhance your power to speak with us!

Confident Voices 2024 Speech Contest

Who Can Participate?

Current 2nd - 12th graders (as of Spring 2024)

Contest Date:

April 20th, 2024, 9 am- 2pm

Speech Topic


Motivational Speech - Student's Choice

Students have the freedom to choose any subject for their speech, with the requirement that they articulate its significance to humanity. 

Contest Rules

  • Speech must be original

  • Speech can be memorized or notes can be used. Notes should not interfere with eye-contact.

  • Students may use a stand/podium but feel free to move around the room.

  • There must be research cited and full introduction, body, and conclusion.

Registration Fee

$25 (includes two FREE workshops and personalized mentoring by winning speech and debate coaches)

Participant Groups & Speech Length Limits
  • Group A: 2-4th graders:  8 minutes max with a 15-second grace period

  • Group B: 5-7th graders:   8 minutes max with a 15-second grace period

  • Group C: 8-12th graders: 8 minutes max with a 15-second grace period 

Information about workshops

 Workshop #1 (virtual): March 17, 2024, 5:00-6:30 pm CST

A. Understand the criteria and rules of the speech presentation.

B. Discuss topic ideas to ensure it follows the contest rules.

C. Insights from experienced speakers on speech organization, vocal variety, speech presentation,body language, and more

Workshop #2 (virtual): April 7th 2024, 1:00-3:00 pm CST

A. Understanding the judge rubric for competition.

B. Practice and refine your speech skills

C. Receive detailed critiques from seasoned speech coaches to enhance your preparation for the contest.

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